Jean Gotta

Quality, safety

Your customers deserve the best quality AND the best safety level. This is our outspoken commitment!

Customer satisfaction is at the centre of my employees’ daily concerns. It runs through total control of the quality of our processes and our products.
We assure you this quality at all stages, from transformation of the living animal to the consumer portion.

More than a brand, I want to turn Jean Gotta into a quality symbol. An affirmation of our commitment to supply you with the best at all times.

It is not by chance that our quality system has received the highest BRC certification: level A


In its daily activity, Jean Gotta takes account of about a dozen sets of specifications, which it complies with scrupulously.

According to their respective demands, these specifications guarantee the quality, safety and consistency of the meat.

We can list:

  • BBQS (Blanc Bleu Qualité Supérieure)
  • La Bleue des Prés
  • Bio (Quality Partner BE-BIO-03)
  • Nour
  • Colruyt
  • Filière Qualité Carrefour
  • Promeat
  • Dufrais
  • ...