Jean Gotta

Our brands

Jean Gotta develops its own products. There are currently 5 of them. More are undergoing trials.



Jean Gotta s.a. actively takes part in the Menu Equilibrium programme. The aim of this project is to supply consumers with products that may correct deficits in Omega 3, the benefits of which on the organism have been scientifically proven. Under this label, we offer an assortment of pork and beef meats, as well as flavoursome ready meals.


Bleue des Prés

Today’s consumer wishes to eat as healthily as possible but also demands fuller flavours. Born in 2001, the Bleue des Prés line offers you Belgian Bleu Blanc cows which have enjoyed at least 2 seasons of grazing and have been fed with locally produced cereals. The quality of their meat, darker, more marbled but as tender as the young BBB bull, is unanimously appreciated and acclaimed.


   Médaillon Gourmet

Produced from top-quality meat, the Gourmet Medallion is a resolutely innovative product which makes meat lovers’ mouths water. Subtly pre-spiced, shaped in artificial intestine, these tender and low-fat meat pieces are of an unbeatable quality/price ratio. At a constant grammage, easy to portion, the Gourmet Medallion is available chilled or frozen, in intestines or as consumer portions.



In a changing world, Jean Gotta knows how to evolve. Among its innovations, the Nour range appears among the most creative. Halal certified, this range of meats is principally aimed at the Islamic community.



 Just because there isn’t always time to simmer a meal, that is no excuse to eat just anything. Jean Gotta has taken note of that and developed Gofresh, a range of healthy, tasty and balanced ready meals. Based on rigorously selected beef, pork or veal, these meats and artisanal ready meals ally butcher and microbiological quality.


Our references

Jean Gotta products are distributed and sold in the country’s main flagship stores.